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Information for Prospective Tutors

Croydon Tutors is always willing to consider new tutors. Please contact Croydon Tutors if you are interested in working as a tutor. Currently there are vacancies for GCSE and A-level English, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Primary (including those who can tutor for 11+ Entrance Exams) and Science tutors.

You will need to:
  • have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in this country.
  • be familiar with the syllabus which you wish to teach, e.g. The National Curriculum, GCSE or A-level.
  • supply a professional reference from this country - preferably an organisation (school, tutorial agency, for example) for which you have worked, and can certify that you are competent professionally and personally reliable, bearing in mind that parents will want to know that it is safe to invite you into their home.

Normally a car is essential for you to work efficiently. It is possible to use public transport, but this may mean too much of your teaching time may be taken up non-productively.

For the fee which will be charged, please see the Fees page. You may not charge less than this, but you may charge up to £3 per hour more for excess travelling (expect to travel for up to 10 minutes without charging extra). At the end of the month, you fill in the commission calendar which will be sent to you, and send off your commission.

Please note that efficient communication is essential - if you are offered some tuition, it is essential that you follow up the lead as soon as possible, and let us know the result. E-mail is very useful for this, or a telephone message is just as good. It is also essential that you pay commission promptly. Tutors who are in arrears will not be offered more introductions.