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Tuition Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I contact you to arrange for a tutor?

We will record your details and then contact one of our tutors who lives near you and has a vacancy. The tutor will then phone you.

Can I specify when the tutor comes and how often?

Certainly, but you need to reach an agreement with the tutor.

How long a lesson should I book?

It depends on the age of the pupil. A six year old may struggle to cope with much more than 30 minutes in one subject, while an A-level student may well need one and a half hours. Please note that the prices given on the fees page are for a full hour of tuition.

And what frequency of lessons?

Once a week is the usual, although at exam times extra lessons may be helpful. Tutors may not be willing to offer fortnightly lessons.

How do I pay for lessons?

Just pay the tutor - preferably in cash, although a cheque might be acceptable - at the end of each lesson. Please do not ask to pay in the next lesson!

Can I negotiate on the fee?

Sorry, no. The fee is as set out by Croydon Tutors.

Once I have taken on a tutor, what is my commitment?

The first lesson will be on an ad hoc basis - if you do not want a tutor to continue, just let him or her know. After this, the tutor will expect a month's notice.

If I cancel a lesson, will I still have to pay?

If you are able to give reasonable notice, i.e. 24 hours, then no. However, if the tutor arrives and the lesson cannot take place, expect to pay for the lesson.

How safe is it to allow a tutor into my home?

Most tutors are teaching in schools now, or have recently retired, or are private tutors only. As such they will have had a police check carried out on them. Croydon Tutors always checks new tutors' references and asks for a copy of their DBS Disclosure Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.